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54 degrees believes in keeping project management simple so that the principles can be used by everyone within an organisation, at whatever level. We want to offer realistic, jargon free processes and tools which can help anyone deliver more structured and therefore more successful project work.

Recording Your Actions

Keeping control of your project will make you feel more confident knowing where you are in the delivery process, it will make you look professional and will help your team to understand what still needs to be done.

This is a free reporting template which will show what has been done, what needs to be done and by whom and allows you to note any items of concern.

Download Actions Report template

Stretch your budget with project management

Even a small amount of time spent planning the use of your budget will help you to use it more effectively. Here is free budget spreadsheet to download to help with that planning process.

Make sure that you record your budget, but that you also remember to review it during and after the project. Download 54 degrees Budget sheet

The full free resource pack

All our resources in one zip file – last updated 01/02/2013 to include:

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