We have worked with organisations from many industry sectors including manufacturing, banking, professional services, and software development, to support their staff to understand how enhanced project planning and delivery can lead to improved efficiencies.


“It definitely helped having an independent facilitator who understands project management. Sarah was able to help my team see the project from different perspectives, gain a further understanding as to what was required of them, discuss all the elements in detail, make necessary decisions, agree responsibilities for the different streams of work and understand the dependencies they all had on each other.” Kathy Birch, Fusion Business Solutions

“Sarah was an invaluable asset during the introduction of the new processes. Her enthusiastic and skilful approach to the training encouraged everyone to have a go with the new tools. Sarah’s experience, creativity and ability to adapt to the needs of the customer gave us a completely new way of introducing the tools to new project managers, which has been very successful.”Lisa McCandless, Head of Learning & Development, pradis Global