Empowering change through virtual project management

Your business is evolving, or needs to, in order to withstand the fast pace of the business world.

But however hard you try to keep up with the times, your team is stuck like glue to their existing ways of working. Sound familiar?

In order to survive the ever-changing business world and stand out against competitors it’s crucial to engage with your team. However, they might not see the need to evolve or seem against change. Or it might be more the case that they just don’t have the time or the skills to effect change.

So how can you empower everyone in your business to make change happen and then stick with it?

Sometimes all that is needed is a little outside help. Just the process of bringing someone in from the outside shows that you mean business and that you are prepared to support your team through this period of change.

The most important word in that last sentence is “little”.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a thing as the Project Fairy, who came along for just enough time to set everyone on the right course, with the right tools, and then keep an eye on things but from a comfortable distance – a distance set by you and your team as they start to take control on their own?

More and more businesses are embracing virtual project management to effect change within their organisations. These project managers have the resource, flexibility and skills to connect with team members, and can communicate regularly and effectively to ensure projects are delivered on time.

We are living in a digital age, where we don’t need to leave the office or home to connect with colleagues, clients or associates. Communication technology such as Skype, Face Time, conference and video calling and remote meetings software, means teams can have meetings and share data anywhere in the world.
There are also project management tools that can used to share work within a team. Yammer for example works like Facebook, but you can set up a protected group for your project so only the team can post or see the posts. As well as tools like V-Wall from Velresco, which enables collaborative discussions online. You can all be in a room together or all spread across the world, but can share your thoughts in real time onto a virtual wall that can be seen by the whole team.

Shaking up your team with a virtual project manager is a short-term, cost-effective way of ensuring your business keeps up with the times. Your team will become more connected, engaged, more willing to effect change, and projects will run more smoothly and efficiently.

For more information on how virtual project management could help your business, contact Sarah Wilson from 54 degrees on sarah@54-degrees.co.uk.

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